Thanks to the generous and faithful support of our community, Agape raised $32,615 & counting!



Your gifts will truly change the lives of many women who are working so hard to leave their past situation behind – and lives of many children whose current situation is not of their making.  For both mom and kids, your gifts will help them find hope and strive for a future they thought was out of their reach.  We know this because we see the fruits of our labor – & theirs – every day.

The situational poverty & homelessness Agape tackles is just that – situational. Something happened to these women that resulted in homelessness….most often that “something” involved abuse, illness… or abduction into trafficking. The result is devastating for the women… and tragic for the children caught in the middle.  Digging their way out is hard.  Helping them do it is hard & painful.  It takes courage, perseverance and faith. It takes finding & restoring hope.  The humbling support our community shared today is helping restore hope – one brick at a time.

From the bottom of our Agape hearts, and on behalf of the women and children whose lives have been, are being and will be forever changed for the good…. Thank you & God Bless

Janet Collinsworth, Founder & Executive Director
Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Inc.

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