Christmas 365

The end of year and the holiday season creates a spirit of generosity in so many.  Our clients appreciate these gifts and we desire to provide them throughout the year. So very often our families get to the end of their available funds long before they get to the end of the month. They barely make it day to day and extra expenses such as medicine, car repair, seasonal clothes, doctor, dentist and tires just are not in their budget until they’ve been with Agape for awhile.

We have found that being able to provide moms with gift cards to help them stretch and cover these costs are critical to their overall progress.


Here are some ideas to help stock our Christmas 365 gift card inventory:

  • Walmart in denominations of $25 or less – at Walmart they can get most of what they need day to day, clothes, meds, food, tires, batteries etc.
  • Master/Visa denominations of $50 or less – these would be for car repairs, doctor, dentist – things not at Walmart that moms can’t afford and therefore they neglect.
  • Cinemark cards for Family Nights and progress incentives. These are so very special to families, especially at Christmas for holiday movies!

Thank you for considering our families while out doing your shopping!  You can drop off cards at the office, put them in the mail or order online and send to

We so appreciate your support – it truly is priceless!


Year End Giving

It’s that time of year when we are making our year end gifts before the end of the tax year.  Trying to decide what to give.  Here are some ways that your donations are allocated. Agape families succeed when we are able to help them move from crisis to sustainability.  Your giving directly impact

  • $4,000 – 1/2 Agape Program Car or Housing Repair
  • $1,200 – 1 Month Rent/Mortgage for Family of 4-8
  • $1,000 – Individual counseling for 10 women or 1 month of counseling for a child
  • $700 – 1 Month Infant/Toddler Childcare
  • $500 – Scholarship/Vocation Certification
  • $250 – 1 month Child after School Care
  • $50 – 1 week of food
  • $25 – Family Outing or Medication

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