with education , life skills & the
confidence to become self-sustaining


empowers women

understand their future isn’t limited
by what they’ve experienced in their past


helps children

“I am grateful for Agape
and how it helped me in
becoming an independent
woman and mother.”

What is the Agape

Resource & Assistance Center?

The Agape Resource & Assistance Center in East Plano, TX helps women, moms and their children facing situational homelessness. With the help of case workers and counselors, women and children typically stay with Agape from 6 months to a year, during which they gain the skills, strength and stability for self sufficiency.

While it’s hard to believe that homelessness exists in an affluent area like Plano and Collin County, there are women and children who fall on hard times. Homelessness in Plano looks like staying on a friend’s couch due to an eviction, living in one’s car, or staying in extended stay hotels.

The Agape location in East Plano was intentionally chosen to be close to childcare and public transportation. Agape uses restored houses and repurposed office space for homes for the homeless, giving new life to the area.

We heard, “We never expected to be in this situation.
I don’t want my kids to grow up like this.”

Agape’s Purpose

To empower women with education , life skills & the confidence to become self-sustaining.


Help children understand their future isn’t limited by what they’ve experienced in their past.


Agape provides housing and transitional services to homeless single women, moms and their children that empower them to move from homelessness and crisis to fulfilling, self-sustaining lives.

The Homeless Situation

As of 2024

90% Agape women are Abuse survivors.

As of 4/2024, 40 % of PISD students qualified for free and reduced lunches, up 5.3% from 2023. Households making 130% or less of the 2024 poverty guideline qualify ($31,200 for a family of 4).

As of 4/2024 an estimated 1,288 PISD students were identified as homeless, an increase of 56% from 1/2023.

There are an estimated 400 Transitional Housing beds in Collin County, substantially all of which are chronically full.

How We Define Success

In Agape’s 1st 10 years, we have served over 260 souls including 112 women and 152 children.  Over 75% of Agape’s women pursue education to higher income and graduate able to live within their means, moving from poverty and crisis to self-sustainability.

Obtained housing they can afford

Improved economic stability

Obtained reliable transportation

Established affordable, reliable childcare

Increased emotional stability

Attained vocational path with upward mobility

Improved work force skills

Sustaining Support

Angels of Hope



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