It is not every year that I have the opportunity to see BOTH my grown children on Mother’s Day weekend, so I especially enjoyed spending time with each one this year and cherish extra special hugs from my 2 grands!

It is also a time when I celebrate and recall special memories of my mom. She spent the last 7 years of her life in assisted and memory care and for most of the last 3 years did not recognize my sister, brother, and me…or so we thought. Truth be told, she had a unique variety of Alzheimer’s, and we are not really sure what she remembered. She sang all the hymns each Sunday from memory but seemed to not know us and had stopped talking. Mom was close by so we could visit her often. Every now and then she would get a special twinkle in her eye and laugh at our reminiscent musings. She would roll her eyes when one of her “neighbors” was causing a ruckus, just like she did when we 3 would cause trouble. There were days when she would look at me with that certain Mom look and I knew in that moment she was all there. On one very special day, she looked right at me and asked, “Are you all right?” Never were her words more cherished. I miss her dearly.

At Agape, we celebrate Moms! Each is so special and determined to build a better life for herself and her children. Since Thanksgiving, we have celebrated SIX Agape families with 9 children who graduated and celebrated this Mother’s Day in their new homes. We also WELCOME six new Agape women led families with 7 children, all filled with determination – and a bit of uncertainty – as they begin the hard work towards self-sustainable lives. We ask for your prayers and support for these 12 special families as they embark on new chapters in their journey.

I came across a quote that touches my heart from the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusma:

“In a world of chaos, mothers are the silent warriors, holding families,
communities and dreams together with unwavering grace.”

We hold all mothers, past, present and future, in a special place in our hearts. They all are, indeed, silent warriors.

God bless and keep you

Rev Janet

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